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Here’s our first lamp shade – joint project between Atelier de la Soie et Atelier Tsila, upholsterer and interior designer.  We are planning to expand the collection as well as introduce blinds, room dividers and other unique pieces for your home.


Notre premier essaie.Abat-jours en soie peinte à la main, confectionnée par Tsila Hurst, tapissière/décoratrice.  A suivre, des paravents et des autres pièces unique ‘home déco’




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Georgeous hand knitted, crocheted and sewn accessories for children.  Unique pieces, affordable and locally  made.  Great for those winter chills.


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Our Queen of Jams has hit the Jackpot this time.  Butterscotch Spread.

My pot lasted 2 hours…….

La nouvelle confiture…………..record à battre, celui qui tient le plus longtemps!

J’ai fini mon pot en 2 heures.

BARBARA TOMLINSON – Peintures sur soie

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Very pleased to have on show (and for sale!) works  by Barbara Tomlinson, an artist based in Bellegarde-du-Razel

We currently have two paintings, one of Flamingos mounted on board as well as an abstract inspired by a kimono design from the Japanese Middle Edo period.

Barbara has also produced two fantastic wall hangings – photos to follow!  These will be hung shortly, once some essential plumbing work in the shop is finished.

As a fellow silk painter I can vouch for the quality of Barbara’s designs; the Flamingos resemble a watercolour – very difficult to do on a textile, while the kimono design has superb gutta work, indicative of a highly skilled artist.

Feel free to contact us for prices and any further information

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Here’s the latest selection of silks – large scarves in crepe georgette and Japanese Habotai alongside a new series of ‘jungle’ paintings, which rework motifs I drew some time ago but with new compositions, background and colour effects.  All are unique pieces – paintings can be reproduced but due to the nature of silk painting, exact copies are impossible

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On sera ouvert les soirées de 13  -16 Aout pour la fête de Sorèze, ainsi que toute la journée de 21 et 22 Aout pour le Vide Grenier et Foire.  Venez voir les créations de 9 artistes/artisans de Sorèze et ses alentours.

Opening late from the 13 -16 August for our village fete as well as the following weekend for the Vide Grenier /Foire.  Pay us a visit and admire the work of 9 local artistes and artisans.  All tastes and budgets catered for.


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En sachant que j’aime manger et j’ai toujours faim, on a décide de diversifier notre stock et vendre de la confiture artisanale, produit par Poussière d’étoile de Sorèze.  Venez gouter des parfums orignaux, par exemple thé Earl Grey, Fleur de lavande, Figues et miel, Pomme au cidre ou Calissonne.  Je vous promets ils sont TROP BON !

In order to stop our rumbling tummies, we have decided to stock a selection of locally home made jam.  Unusual flavours that, we promise, are REALLY tasty.  Spoon something different on your toast such as Apple Cider, Lavendar, Sweet Almond or even Earl Grey. Tea time will never be the same again!