Un atelier/boutique spécialisé dans la peinture sur soie qui regroupe aussi des créateurs de Sorèze et ses alentours.

A studio/boutique specialising in the production of hand-painted silk.  We also exhibit and sell selected items by other local artists and craftspeople.

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2 Place Dom Devic, 81540 SOREZE, France

atelierdelasoie@orange.fr        +33 (0)6 27 84 26 51


One Response to “ABOUT US / QUI SOMMES NOUS?”

  1. Good day! (www.art-filimonova.com)
    Anna Filimonova. Was born in Ryazan, Russia in 1985
    Study: Art liceum 4 of Ryazan, Art school it. Wagner of Ryazan, Institute of culture in a of Ryazan;
    Participation in exhibitions: seasonal exhibitions of the Union of artists in of Ryazan, personal exhibitions in Ryazan
    Anna Filimonova has created a new style and for her contribution to the development of world art she was awarded the medal “Talent and vocation” of the world alliance “Peacemaker”.
    One of the paintings presented at the exhibition is to belong to the “Peace Museum” which is subsequently gliding exhibitions of their collections of major museums all over the world.
    The competition is an annual, and combines his idea of not only people of fine art, but also music, film and politics.
    There are such names can be called among the winners of the contest as Iosif Kobzon, Yuri Antonov, Mikhail Gorbachev, Dima Bilan and famous foreign actors: Stephen Baldwin, Adrian Paul and Richard Tyson.
    It would be very desirable with you to co-operate, because you are the real professionals of the business and judges. With kind regards Ann Filimonova.

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